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Patios & Decking 
Decking, Pegolas & Vegetable Beds 
Decking can be an alternative to a patio and can add height & interest to your garden. Particularly good when dealing with a sloped or uneven garden. Adding a pergola caron be the icing on the cake, providing a tranquil retreat & a place to grow a vine or two! 
We can make your bespoke vegetable beds, growing in popularity with people who want to taste the divine pleasure obtained by growing your own fruit & veg. 
Patios & Paths 
A Patio or terrace is the perfect place to relax or entertain; it can enhance your garden and is an investment to your property. We will design your patio to suit your individual needs and your property using the best products available. We are particularly proud of our shaped patios using Natural Sandstone. 
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